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Carrot Sticks + Horseanalities

In August of 2009, Mu and I attended a natural horsemanship clinic that was conducted by a Certified Parelli Clinician, Jesse Peters. He was awesome and the other attendees were a true inspiration. Below are 2 paintings I made as result of this interchange. The first is a description of the proper use of the modified golf club shaft Parelli enthusiasts call their “Carrot Stick” (yes, I have one – paid about $70 for the thing). Expensive – but you know what? Works pretty good. You don’t whack your horse with it – you really use it as an extension of your intention – which manifests physically as a longer reach.

All Parelli interactions with one’s horse are predicated on your knowledge of that particular horse’s character traits. In mu’s case he is clearly an extrovert and a left brained one at that.



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