Muon McHippus

mupainting01.01.08Muon McHippus is the name I chose for Mumu. Muon because this is a name physicists have given to one of the types of “charmed particles” they have measured in accelerators, like CERN and Fermi Lab – that always seem to be exactly where they are looking – regardless of any other circumstance, as though the particle has somehow ‘sensed’ their intention in looking and thus IS there. Plus when you shorten it, it becomes “Mu” which is the sound a Holstein (black and white) cow makes so when I go wandering out in the field looking for him, I can moo like a cow.

Mu is also a word the people of Japan use to express “no self,” “no ego,” “no holiness,” and “no permanence” which are very equine lessons indeed.  McHippus = Mc for the Irish familial lineage, and Hippus – for the Latin ‘hippo’ which means horse. (Hippopotumus = water horse, for your information). He is a registered American Paint of the quarter horse variety. I met Mu’s father as a student at the Kentucky Horse Park in their Equine Management Program I took one very interesting six month period during my transition into the Kentucky landscape.

Mu's younger brother, Iota McHippus

Mu's younger brother, Iota McHippus

One day, my birthday, Mu gave me a message which was “Highest purpose found within truest nature” which I then added to a painting I made of him. I take it to mean it is only when we come to know and accept who we are that we are then best prepared to accomplish our main reason for being here on earth. It means there is meaning in weakness, and strength – and we don’t need to disparage ourselves for our faults but find ways to push through and turn those into our best strengths. For me it is to create and express, intuit and emote. Like on this blog and elsewhere throughout my life.

Mu has a younger brother who is studying to be a therapy pet. His name is Iota McHippus. He has his own Facebook fan club.


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