About MartiMu


I’m Marti McGinnis, and this is Mu. We met in a field in 2005. We have been learning the art of horsemanship together ever since. He is a more natural learner and his questions and comments are usually very succinct. Our studies together have taken us to new heights and depths as we uncover strengths and weaknesses in our personalities (or horseanality as the case may be). This blog is an online documentation of some of our times together.muandmarti08

We have been known as “MartiMu” since a trainer and coach who helped us start coined our collective name. Our goal is to become a partnership that is better than either one of is alone when we’re together. For me this usually means being a clearer communicator and leader, for Mu this usually means allowing respect and staying less flighty than he might otherwise feel like. The rewards for each of us have been richer experiences and safer journeys. I know I am driven to succeed and I am ever humbled that Mu is willing to try with me.


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