Do Intuitives Bite? Part 2

27 Apr

So Villomina was able to intuit some deeply stored old memories through her very own peculiar blend of energy work. I was impressed. We really seemed to hit it off too on that level where people used to accessing their inner resources find so delightful when we discover this ease with the esoteric in another.

workshop P D F

The workshop PDF

She shared that she was interested in finding a place where she could conduct workshops using her methods.  I mentioned how I had been looking at doing something like that right there at DogTrot Hill (www.QuantumSparks) With my art coaching experiences and her intuitive insight and guidance we figured we could offer a really zingy thing.

I readied the barn and the house. Villomina came over to discuss the day’s logistics. Interestingly she regaled me with tales that each ended by her revealing the private personal flaws of each of her past event partners in shocking detail.


I was speechless when she pulled the teeth from her mouth

In the middle of this she frowned mightily, reached into her mouth and yanked her teeth (uppers and lowers) right out and plopped them right into the open maw of her granny bag! “My oral surgeon vants me to stop bothering him about these teeth but they do not fit in my mouth the right way.” she explained.

She then went into great detail about the incompetence of this person, his receptionist and the social program that was paying the tab, as I worked on looking anywhere but at her flapping gums. I took it as one of those opportunities to look past appearance and embrace the inner beauty. No, I’m not kidding.


1. Why did I ignore her disturbingly unprofessional conduct?
2. Why had every partnership and personal relationship she described to me end with the other being some sort of perfect trainwreck of a human being in her opinion?

In hindsight all I have to say for myself is “Uhhhhh…..!”. While it was playing out in front of me though I blithely went forward as though a cantankerous collaborator spewing somewhat random criticism is The Perfect Partner for a day of introspective exploration. As far as I can figure, her spot-on intuition during our session made such a deeply positive impression on me I became blind to the obvious and focused rather on winning her continued approval as her equal. Sigh. Where’s the horse sense when I need it, eh?

The day came. The participants were a delightful array of engaging personalities. The workshop got underway.

Things unfolded in an organic and mostly smooth way. One guy became a bit long winded and I wondered why Villomina didn’t head him off at the pass – but I decided with her experience she was trusting the process rather than caving in to temptation to redirect the action.

horses in barn

He finally paused for a breath and the group took the opportunity to move on. I admired Villomina for putting up with it because all my senses had told me “Dive! Dive! Dive!”.

Her intuition must have told her others in group were benefiting from his self-focused soliloquy. I was looking forward to asking about that later.

On to the equine assisted activity!

(See Do Intuitives Bite Part 3 – below!)


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One response to “Do Intuitives Bite? Part 2

  1. Jeanne Kaulback

    April 27, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Cool……I’ll be looking for it.


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