20 Apr
Paint horse sleeping like a puppy

Most horses don't usually sleep like kittens - but Mumu is different

Mumu is an expert when it comes to being in the now. When he is walking, he walks. When he’s eating – believe me – he EATS! Whatever he focuses on he gives it his full attention. He’s not a multi-tasker like me, who might be answering email, texting, baking bread, doing laundry and watching television all at the same time. He is quite comfortable to do one thing at a time. Most horses, when they sleep, are quite ready to scramble up and run off should something alarm them. But there are times when Mu gets so comfortable he appears to let go of his prey nature and fall back completely into a zone of total relaxation. And this is out in the open! Not just in his stall where he has four walls to protect him.

I admire his natural ability to be in and of each moment of his life. Like the other day when he spectacularly danced a fifteen minute jog literally at the end of his rope in physical response to some of the cutest baby Holstein calves you ever did see who had moved in across the street as we made our way down our driveway for our evening constitutional. Man, he embodied his concern is a BIG way! And he was beautiful doing so. Ten minutes later when the threat of the mini cows wore off sufficiently, he ambled along without a care in the world at a pace a snail might find comfortable. That’s Mumu for you – in and of the moment.

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Posted by on April 20, 2010 in Being, Lessons from Mu


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