No Foot – No Horse

06 Nov

Over a year ago, Mu was diagnosed with a disease of the hoof known as “white line” disease. It is a fungal infection that invades the area between the hard outer horn of the hoof and the inner blood-fed tissue via the structural connective layer known as the white line. It’s an anaerobic process that thrives in closed, warm dark places exactly like that inside the hoof capsule. The only way to treat it is to open the afflicted areas up and expose the fungus to deep cleaning agents and oxygen.

where Matt started

Where Matt started with Mumu's hoof 'sectioning'

For Mu, because he had it so bad he had to have almost the whole front of each front hoof ‘sectioned’ off. As you can imagine this leaves whatever foot that’s left in the precarious position of having to support just as much horse on just over half as much foot. Luckily for Mumu and me, Matt Taydus who owns and runs Limestone Forge farrier service knows how to deal with such challenges and has an up to date knowledge base on available therapeutic shoes. So he’s been slowly cutting away potentially afflicted hoof wall, and gluing these pricey shoes on Mu every 6 weeks. Here’s how he does it:

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One response to “No Foot – No Horse

  1. marlice

    May 5, 2010 at 2:44 am

    supercool paintings and cool video about the feet!


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